Botinol Clinical Treatment:

G.M. Collin signature anti-aging facial.
This innovative clinically proven treatment visibly reduce expression lines & wrinkles.

75 min $115
Stem Cell Clinical Treatment:

Nobel Prize winning discovery in medicine. Preserve & increase cellular longevity. DNA repair. Epidermal repair with peptide (anti-aging)

75 min $115
Collagen Clinical Treatment:

Anti-aging treatment that hydrates, rejuvenates, tightens & reconfigures the skin’s surface to reduce the visible signs of aging.

90 min $115
Sea C Spa Clinical Treatment:

Powerful antioxidant treatment with vitamin C. Brightens and evens out the skin tone. Perfect for hyper pigmentation.

90 min $105
Hydrolifting Clinical Treatment:

Our most hydrating facial with a lifting and firming effect.

75 min $95
Oxygen Clinical Treatment:

Revitalized fatigued stressed and dull skin. Perfect for acne to clear skin congestion and detoxify.

75 min $85
Algomask Clinical Treatment:

Hydrates, soothes, decongests and brightens; for all skin types and perfect for the most sensitive skin.

75 min $75

Derm Renewal Clinical Peel:

Brightens the complexion, detoxifies and lightens pigmentation spots for all skin types.

25 min $35
series of six $120
True Serenity Facial:

Includes cleansing, toning, biological peeling, massage including back and shoulder, and treatment cream.

70 min $65
Relaxing Deluxe Facial:

A Noursing facial with a soothing neck massage, includes cleansing, nourshing facial massage, customized masque treatment cream.

60 min $45
Rebalancing Deep Pure Facial

A deep cleansing facial incorporating extraction time, includes cleansing, customized masque and treatment cream no massage.

60 min $40
Teen Facial:

Same as True Serenity Facial without massage and extractions

30 min $30
Add on to any Facial:

Eye treatments: includes a gentle exfoliation, massage and mask to smoothe fine lines and brighten the skin $20
Derm Renewal Clinical Peel for: $15
Microdermabrasion: $35